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Einstein Ambassadors: Certified Installer Program

If you are a top quality installer, committed to best-in-class ceramic coating and to customer satisfaction, join the Einstein Ambassador team.

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If you are selected for the Einstein Ambassador program, it means you are an officially certified Einstein Coating installer. 

How does this benefit you?

  • You will grow your business with one of the best ceramic products available  (priced for the general consumer market)
  • You'll get discount on our products / marketing support
  • We will forward you each customer in your geographic area
  • We will cross-promote your business on our digital channels

What we are looking for

Our certified installers usually have a background in auto care, detailing, etc. Whether our candidates apply knowing these skills in advance, we will work with each of them on an individual-level to not only teach them on how to use the product, but also how to teach others to use them. We want to makes sure all of our Einstein Ambassadors are equipped to offer a high-touch customer experience that matches the high-end product.

Einstein Ambassadors stand out in that they are willing to be very customer-oriented, and also bring with them a creative and open-minded energy. The Einstein Coating family strongly believes in the quality of our product and in the power of preventative nano ceramic coating. We are looking for others who can help share this belief!

If you're interested in working with us, apply to be a Einstein Ambassador using the form below.