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+ What is the difference between the different types of Einstein Coating Ceramic Shield products: CREAM, SPRAY and LIQUID?

The main difference is how often you would apply each product:

  • The SPRAY coating is easiest to apply, but needs reapplication every 6-12 months.
  • The CREAM coating takes more time to rub onto the surface of the vehicle, but last longer, up to 24 months.
  • The LIQUID coating product will create a thicker coating that can last up to 36 months. This option is ideal for cars that are prone to frequent exposure to contaminants.

+ Where should I park the car to let the products dry?

Ideally, in a warm car garage. However, the product can also be applied in open areas where and when the wind will not pick up debris and land on your car while you are applying the product. The heat also helps with activating the ingredients and speeding up the curing and drying process.

+ Will Einstein Coating protect my car from rock chips or dents?

Currently, there is no technology of any kind on the market that will completely prevent rock chips or dents.

+ Are the chemicals in this product harmful to my health?

No. However, you may wish to apply the products wearing a pair of latex gloves. After application, wash your hands with soap and water.

+ I have a small car and have some left over after applying it to my car. How long is this still good for?

Depending on how you store it, you may keep it in a cool, dry area for up to 12 months after opening.

+ Will my car be glossy after using Einstein Coating Products?

If applied on regular glossy car paint (most cars), the coating will not make the surface glossier.

If applied on matte or satin surfaces (such as some car wraps), the surface will smoothen a little and the color will appear fuller.

+ Will this product change the color of my car?

No. For paint with matte or satin finish, the product will smoothen out the surface and make the color appear fuller. 

+ I want my car doubly protected. Can I do this process twice back to back, and will that double the strength?

No. Applying more at one time does not make the product last longer. If you wish to apply more frequently, it doesn't hurt the vehicle, but it is not necessary.

+ I already have a spot that's rusting. Will this product get rid of the rust? 

Our products do not repair rusting on your vehicle. However, to prevent future issues to the exterior of your car, Einstein Coating is a great option.